In the year 2002 three enterprising young IT professionals got together and decided to create a revolution of sorts in the IT hardware service industry. Their mission statement was simple – “Quality Service at Affordable Prices”.


Within the short span of just 4 years through the sheer hard work determination of its founder member and associate Vidhi Computers has today become a respected name in the hardware service industry.

With its flexible approach to customer handling, Vidhi Computers is able to provide the personal touch desired by the SOHO segment as well as the professionalism demanded by corporate clients. This approach has helped build a wide base of satisfied customers spanning multiple fields and industries.

Hailing from a business oriented family and with an Electronics Engineering degree under his belt Jignesh always had a dream of starting his own company. However he waited patiently for 12 years nurturing his dream and gaining valuable knowledge while working for one of the pioneering and leading computer companies in India. With this rich experience in hand he could confidently convert his dream into reality. His expansive technical expertise and keen business sense have ensured that Vidhi Computers has grown from strength to strength. Believing that knowledge gained must be shared Jignesh devotes a part of his time to conducting training programmes for aspiring engineers and his grateful students come from all parts of the country. With his in-depth knowledge and broad vision Jignesh is ready to meet the challenges of this fast paced, rapidly evolving industry.


Vidhi Computers proprietory concern of Mr. Jignesh K. Joshi had its humble beings at the residence . However the quick rate of increase in business very soon caused space crunch and so it was relocated to its present independent set-up.

Conveniently located just outside Borivali railway station and opposite the bus depot, the Service Center is easily accessible by both road and rail.

The well equipped Center boasts of the latest in service equipment and repair tools. Adequate storage facilities and well designed workstations ensure that customer property is correctly and safely handled.

Recently, to cater to the growing demand, a second unit was added to the Service Center thus doubling thee original size. The total area is now an impressive 900 square feet with plans for further expansion already in the pipeline.

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